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The Lady Accountant can help your business reach its profit potential, while ensuring you bring home the most tax efficient earnings. 


Most business owners don't enjoy book keeping or accounting. You end up doing it late at night or on weekends, when you'd rather be spending time with your family and friends. Yet you carry on because you have a DIY attitude and think that hiring an accountant is a luxury. 

Hiring an accountant is not a lifestyle decision, its a business decision.
Investing in professionals can bring serious returns. 

We'll keep control of your tax obligations, identify savings & help you grow your business . As a bonus, we'll give you your weekends back!


We are based in Northern Ireland but work with clients throughout the UK. The companies we work with are mostly female led businesses, however we also work with male led businesses too.

Trust The Lady Accountant to help your business succeed.



If you're just getting started as a sole trader, we'll get you up and running in no time. We'll take care of registering you with HMRC and ensure you're aware of your responsibilities, including what tax you need to pay and what expenses you can claim for.


Would you like the benefit of limited liability? Limited companies can be more tax efficient than sole traders however there can be added responsibilities. We can help prepare your accounts on a monthly or quarterly basis, manage your tax and prepare your annual return.


We can run weekly, fortnightly and monthly payroll for your employees. We also prepare employment contracts and set up pension schemes. We'll ensure all your HMRC employer reporting obligations are taken care of.


If you're self employed, your self-assessment is due on 31st January every year. This tells HMRC how much tax you owe. We can complete this for you and ensure you are paying the most tax efficient amount every year.


If you're VAT registered, we'll make submitting VAT returns simple. We'll keep a close eye on the deadlines and remind you in advance of special dates you need to know about. We can discuss with you whether its the right time for your business to become VAT registered.


Not sure whether sole trader or limited company is right for you? Looking to start a new business but need a business plan or advice? Book a consultation and we can explore all your options.



  • Free Initial Consultation for Potential New Clients

    15 min

  • Advice on areas such as VAT, Self Employment & LTD Co's

    30 min

    50 British pounds
  • Discussing areas of improvement in your business

    1 hr

    100 British pounds


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Can we help you grow or develop your business?

Are you thinking of starting a business and need advice?

Do you need help with your tax return?

Email us or drop us a query...

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